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I wasn’t always been fascinated with thunderstorms. As a small boy I remember hiding myself under the covers as an evening storm would roll through. Somehow, I thought my blanket would protect me from the lightning and cracks of thunder surrounding our house. As I grew older and my love of photography grew, so did my appreciation for storms. As my camera equipment got better so did my skills to capture a bolt of lightning striking from the sky. I learned to see the beauty in storm and learn to respect them and not fear them.

One thing that I’ve always wished that I took the time to do when I was in college was do some storm chasing along tornado alley. I always wanted to take a summer and spend time in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas to chase storms and capture a tornado as it’s touching down. I’ve learned over the years that Wisconsin has a lot to offer the storm chaser as well. When those hot and humid days get here, there is always a chance that it will end in some severe weather.

Capturing lightning takes a lot of luck and having the right camera settings.

Recently I talked with Justin Poublon from Wisconsin Weather. Justin is a storm chaser from the Oshkosh area. He’s chased over 250 storms throughout Wisconsin and he’s sharing his knowledge and experience with everyone through his Facebook page and website. His goal is to gather information about storms in Wisconsin and share that information with you.

Justin shared some great stories about his experience as a chaser and some of the differences between spotters and chasers. Anyone can be a chaser and Justin offers some great tips to help you get started as a storm chaser. Justin says it’s a great way to get out and see parts of the state that you may never have though about before.

If you want to learn more about storm chasing, follow the links below.

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