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I think I can safely say that most of here in Wisconsin are ready for warmer days. I’m getting tired of cold mornings and having to bundle up if I want to go for a walk. I’m ready for warm sunshine on my face and smelling the flowers. My guest today is also looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom and not just because he likes their beauty. You see flowers and blossoms are a huge part of his life and business. Where there are blossoms, so are his bees. Today I’m talking with Kent Pegorsch. Kent has been a beekeeper for over 40 years and is currently the president of Wisconsin Honey Producers. I wanted to find out from Kent what it takes to keep bees and what are some thing you can do to help bees in your area. Of course, we also talked about honey and the impact the honey industry has on Wisconsin agriculture.

I want to thank Kent for coming on the podcast and talking to us about bees and honey. I’ll have links to The Wisconsin Honey Producer website as links to Kent’s website so you can order some of his delicious honey for yourself. I think we all know understand the importance of bees and what they do for our food supply. I realize that most of us probably won’t start our own beehives or have our own honey. But I’m hoping that maybe this will spark some interest for you to at least investigate what it takes to raise bees. But even if you don’t want that challenge of bee keeping, consider planting things around your home or garden that will attract bees and butterflies. Give them a safe toxic free place to do their work. Who knows, maybe you’ll be like Kent and just enjoy sitting and watching the busy bees do their work as you head out to be one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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