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A Very Special Valentines

Take Love Outdoors for Valentine's Day-Image Courtesy of Pexel

It’s Valentine’s week and love is in the air. Instead of chocolates, flowers and jewelry, why not give that special someone in your life an outdoor experience that you’ll both enjoy and remember? But not sure what to do or where to go? Here are a few ideas that are sure to add a little more romance to your Valentine’s Day.

· Cuddle Together Next to the Fire

Do you have a backyard fire pit? If you answered yes, then his is perfect for the couple who maybe can’t get away for the evening. Grab some firewood, mix up a pot of hot chocolate and some smore fixings and enjoy a quiet winter evening by the fire. Yeah, I know its winter, but what better place to keep warm than by the fire. Grab a shovel and dig out a path and a spot for a place to sit. Make sure you have a good fire going before you bring out that special someone and keep the fire stoked as you enjoy a quiet evening under the stars.

Spend an evening by the fire.

· Sunrise/Sunset Hike

I enjoy a good hike and with a little scouting and research you can take a sunrise or sunset hike. The key is to make sure you find the right spot so you see either the sun coming up or going down. You’ll also have to do a bit of research so you know when sunrise or sunset will take place. Also remember that depending on how far in you maybe hiking, you’ll need the proper gear to seeing getting in or out. But once you find that perfect spot, sit and enjoy. You can even surprise that special person by bring along a hot drink and some of their favorite snacks.

Share a moment in the morning or evening watching the sun.

· Candlelight Snow Shoeing/Skiing

If you’re not really a morning couple, then this one might be more for you. This time of year, many parks and recreational areas that have ski and snowshoe trails offer a candlelight experience on the trails. This is the perfect way for you and your loved one to experience the trails in a completely different way. Take your time on these beautifully luminated trails and enjoy being together doing something that you’ll both never forget.

· Couples Ice Fishing Adventure

Make Valentine’s really special this year and do it up right. Spend the whole day together at your favorite fishing hole. That’s right, I know that for some of you guys out there, your ice fishing shack is your man cave away from home. Show her how much you care by inviting her to spend the day with you on the lake catching fish. Pack a lunch and make a complete day out of it. You can make the night even more special by cooking a special meal with everything you caught together. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find you have a new fishing buddy.

Sledding can be a great way to spend Valentines!

· Sledding/Downhill Skiing/Ice Skating

How about spending the day feeling like a kid again? Who doesn’t love tubing down a high hill? There are a number of places throughout the state that offer tubing, but don’t be afraid to find a quiet place where the hills are high and the snow is perfect. We all have our favorite place to go sledding and it will make you feel like a kid again. When you’ve gotten your fill of speeding down a hill on an inner tube, change it up a bit and do a little downhill skiing. What’s more fun than riding the lift chair together and heading down to the bottom together. Warm up in the chalet and do it all over again. Then you can finish your day hand in hand on a frozen pond or ice rink skating together. It will be a full day, but what better way to be together than a day full of outdoor fun.

There’s no better way to spend some time with the one you love than with an outdoor adventure. You can still do all the traditional things that most people do around Valentine’s Day, but why not try something different this year, something you’ll both remember and cherish. Why just make it one day, why not a whole weekend of Valentine’s fun. Winter is in full swing and now’s the time to take advantage of it, especially with the one you love. Show that special someone what’s it’s like to be one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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