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Time to Try New Things

Look for New Things To Do This Summer.

I don’t know about you, but it saddens me a little bit every day when I see another summertime event cancel for this year. Here in Wisconsin, we all know how precious our summers are. If we are lucky, we get two maybe three months of outstanding weather where we can get out an enjoy the things we love to do. In the recent weeks, I’ve seen some of my Favorite events succumb to the effects of COVID-19 with promises of returning for next year. And I do believe they will return next year, and they'll be even better than ever.

But the question becomes with so many events canceling in the recent weeks what's next and what's left for our summer? I do realize there are still events that are going to be hopefully taking place in August and September. But what do we do now that the events of June and part of July have been canceled?

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast about staying positive. And I really believe that that is the most important thing right now is to stay positive. Even though some of our favorite events are canceling we still have a lot of good opportunities to get outdoors. Obviously, we still have our state parks and County parks that are open so can get outside to do some hiking. For you golfers out there the golf courses are open and that is a great way to get outside. But even if you aren't into one of those activities there are still opportunities for you to enjoy this time of year. Like I said in my previous podcast I think the one thing that has come out of this that has been so great is the amount of time we have all been given. I know from my perspective that we have had more time to do things around the house. We have been able to do more with our garden getting that ready for planting, we have been able to take care of our lawn and we've been able to spend more time with our family. But another thing that I think we've been able to get out of this is to explore new things that we can do. And this time has allowed us to investigate some of those new things and plan some things that we can look forward to when this whole pandemic is over.

One of my favorite events has been cancelled for the year. The NTPA Grand National Pulling in Tomah Wisconsin.

And that's what I want to talk to you about today. Looking ahead a little bit what are some things that you want to do that maybe you haven't had time to try. Or you've been busy with other events and you just haven't gotten to do those things. I realize if you've had a certain festival or certain event on your list that you've always wanted to get to those things are going to be tough this year. I really think that they're going to be difficult to get to and we’re going to see more things cancel, I hope not, but I think that's the trend we're seeing now and that's where it's going to continue.

I'm looking at planning things that I can do on my own or as a family that's not necessarily dependent on a certain day or time that we need to do it. For example, now that all of our kids are able to ride a bicycle and ride him fairly well our family has been planning where we want to take our first biking adventure of the summer and we're looking for places that are comfortable for all of us to ride. This time is allowed us to look ahead, plan some different trips and see where we can go and see which trails are going to be the best and we're looking at doing that hopefully in the next few weeks here once the weather cooperates a little bit more.

That's what I want you to start thinking about those things that you've always wished you had time to do and you just never really got around to it because the kids were playing sports or you were always traditionally going to the same event each year. This is the time to pick something off that bucket list of yours that you always wanted to do and get it done maybe you wanted to go take a weekend fishing trip up North maybe you wanted to go camping for the first time and I know you still need to check on know if campsites are open and things like that so some of these are going to be a little tricky. But and I hope this doesn't happen, as more events possibly get cancelled into July and August, hopefully other things will open for us that we were able to go and do and see.

Get out and plan your next adventure.

Maybe that's part of what this summer is going to be about for you. It's going to be about getting out doing something that you've always wanted to do but you just never had time to do it. I'm asking you now too take a little time think about that, get your family together and come up with a plan to go and do something fun outdoors whether you're hiking a new trail or planning a fishing adventure maybe you want to try golf for the first time and you've never been able to do it. Now is the time to go do something like that, something that you've never had time to do. Who knows maybe this will be your new tradition maybe this will be what your summer looks like from here on out. Trying a new thing doing something you've never done before. It can be as big or small as you want it to be. Maybe this is the time that you get yourself a small garden in your backyard do something that that you've always wanted to try or always had an interest in but just maybe never had the courage or the time to just try it. This is the time to do it this is the gift that we've been given at this time. I know some you won't think that but that's true this is a little bit of a gift that we've been given to reconnect with ourselves reconnect with our families and try new things see new things and get out and experience a part of Wisconsin that you've never experienced before and to do it as one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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