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The Tomah Experience

Tomah offers a great experience for young and old.

Getting outdoors is all about the experience. Experiencing new trails, new events and new ideas. I believe it is also our responsibility to share our experience with others. Whether that’s through the blog page, the podcast or sharing an experience with someone new in person. This is especially true with my kids. I love taking them to new places and sharing something that’s familiar with them. It’s a neat thing to see places and events through the eyes of my kids and even better when we can experience something new together.

Recently, I was able to take my oldest daughter to the Dairyland Super National Truck and Tractor Pull in Tomah. This is one of the largest oldest grand national pulls in the country. It brings some of the best pullers in the country and even some from Europe to Wisconsin to participate in this event. I’ve been to Tomah for the pull numerous times in my life. I remember going as kid and enjoying watching all the trucks and tractors go down the track. Walking through the pits was also pretty special. Being up close to such powerful equipment was so cool to me as a kid. Even today as an adult, I marvel at the technology and innovation that goes into each rig.

If you've never experienced a truck or tractor pull, I highly recommend going to the Dairyland Super Nationals.

This year, I decided to take my oldest daughter. We are a tractor pulling family and I’ve been in and around the sport for over 30 years. My kids have started taking an interest in the sport and my oldest daughter even helps out with our mini rod pulling tractors. So, I wanted her to experience Tomah for the first time this year. I want her to share her experience with you, so you could see what the largest tractor pull in the nation is like through the eyes of a 10-year-old.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to share new experiences with our kids and being able to share something I’m familiar with is even better. Seeing Tomah through her eyes has been pretty special and I’m happy to share that with you on this week’s podcast.

I talk a lot about getting out and experiencing new things. But, it’s also important to share things that are familiar to you with someone who hasn’t done them. Your experience will be valuable to the person you’re with because of your familiarity. And seeing them experience something new will be something you’ll never forget. Who knows, maybe you’ll introduce someone new to being a Wisconsin Outdoor Explorer.

Take a listen to this week’s podcast and experience the Dairyland Super Nation Truck and Tractor Pull from the eyes of a 10-year-old.

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