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Taking Advantage of Daylight Savings

More sunlight at the end of the day means more time to set up and capture sunsets

The calendar officially says its spring and it’s actually starting to feel like it. We’ve also entered Daylight Savings time again and that means longer days. It also means it took me a full week to get used to the time change. But what it really means it that the daylight is lasting longer and that give us all more time to get outside after work.

It seems that during the winter we get so used to driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark that we almost forget what it’s like to have an evening life outdoors. That’s why when we do finally change over to Daylight Savings time, I try to take full advantage of the light we do have.

I’ll admit, these first few weeks don’t often lend to too many times of getting out and accomplishing much. It seems I’m using the extra light to chip away any ice buildup around the house and remove some of the high banks of snow. Although these recent warm temps have help in that area.

But I do find myself outside more in the evenings enjoying that warm spring sunlight before it sets. It will be a week or so before all the snow will be all but gone from our yard and then the use of the extended light comes into play. But for now, there are a few things I’m able to do as the sun sets later in the day.

The temps can be a little cool yet, but getting out and walking again is amazing!

Going for evening walks with the dog can now be done safely and without any worry of traffic not seeing me. And speaking of my dog, this time of year, she has a tendency to shed her base coat. I love doing this outside. It gets both outside and makes her look great too.

Another thing I like to do to take advantage of the sunshine is getting out with my kids. After a full winter of being cooped up in the house, we all benefit from getting out and playing ball, playing on the swings and just running around the yard.

This is a great time of year for bird watchers!

If you’re a bird watcher than this is a great time of year. Just this week, robin, grackles and red-wing black birds have all started showing up around our yard. I love just stepping out and listening to them all sing again. After the long silence of winter, it’s nice to step outside and hear something. It’s a sure sign that winter is coming to an end and that spring is here.

The point that I want to make is to take advantage of the extra day light in the evenings. Sometimes we get caught up in controversy about the time change and instead we should be happy that we are given some time to enjoy the extra light at the end of the day. Take some time and use that it to get outside. Even if it means just sitting outside and enjoying the setting sun.

The transition from winter to spring can go by quickly so, getting out to experience and enjoy it is all part of living in Wisconsin. There are times when I don’t really care for the sloppiness of spring, but I appreciate what it has to offer and I enjoy watching it come back year after year.

Take some of these early daylight savings days and enjoy the time outside again. After all as a Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer, you did make it through another Wisconsin winter.

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