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Spring Likes and Dislikes

Spring can test us all.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog and did a podcast on my like/dislike relationship with winter. I think it’s time again for another blog like that but this time for spring. There are certain things that I absolutely love about spring and then there are some things that I could really do without. Here are my three things that I like and dislike about spring in Wisconsin.

I’m going to start my list with the things that I don’t like about spring.

1. It Always Seems to Be Wet

This is always one of the biggest issues for me. The weather warms up and I get that itch to get out into the yard and do some work. But as soon as your foot steps on the lawn, you hear that aweful swish sound under your shoes and soon you can feel the wetness penetrating your socks. You’ve been fooled again by a warm day to think your lawn is dry and ready for work. The only way to walk around the yard to do any work is with waterproof rubber boots that don’t fit right and make your feet sweat. Not the most ideal way to walk around the yard, but it will have to do for at least the first month of spring.

2. Cleaning the Yard

Speaking of yard work. Spring is the time of year we all head out to our yards with rakes shovels and brooms. We spend what seems like endless hours of time raking gravel from our driveways to only be rewarded with a long ditch filled with everything the snowplow left after each snowstorm. Then if you have a dog like I do, you know what I’m going to say next. The pile of little presents that that dog as placed all over your yard in no set pattern. You walk around your yard with a shovel and bucket, or even a wheel barrow, looking to pick up those little surprises before that first mowing of the year happens.

Mid to late spring snow falls just make winter seem longer.

3. Old Man Winter’s Last Stand

This one I think we can all agree on, it’s that mid to late April snow storm. You know the ones I’m talking about. They show up after about two weeks of sunny weather with 60 degree temps. We think that we’ve left Old Man Winter behind for the another season and then BAM!! We get hit with a snow storm that dumps twelve plus inches of heavy wet snow on us. By this time, I usually make sure my wife and I can get out of the driveway and then I leave the rest. I’m sick and tired of snow blowing so I refuse to do it and let the warm air that I know will be back the next day take care of my snow removal for me. I always think that these late winter/early spring snow storms are winter’s way of saying, “You may be rid of me now, but I’ll be back.”

Now for the good!

Spring time means the end of the quiet that comes with winter.

1. Warmer Temps

This is a no brainer for one of my top reasons I like spring. After spending the last few months bundling up the kids and myself to venture out, it’s so nice to throw on a light jacket or no jacket at all and head out the door. The best part of warmer temps is that first time of year that I’m able to open up the windows and let the fresh spring air flow into the house. It’s what I like to call “airing out the house” and getting rid of all that stale winter air that’s been locked up since the furnace was first fired up. The warmer temperatures a sure sign that spring is here and winter is on it’s way out.

2. The Sounds of Spring

Winter is quiet. When I walk outside on a still winter day or night, it’s quiet. The only sound you may hear, is the howling wind. It nice for a short time, but the quiet is just that…quiet. Then you get that one spring day, when it just feels a little warmer, a little sunnier than it has in a while and then you hear it, the sounds of the first birds singing off in the distance. Usually it’s my favorite, the red winged black birds that make their song the first you hear. Then other soon follow and the silence of winter is gone and the sounds of spring have begun to fill the air.

I love a good spring thunderstorm. I shakes winter out and brings spring in.

3. The Sky is Changing

I love a good thunderstorm. I love how the clouds form before the storm and how they move across the sky. The towering thunderstorm clouds that produce lighting that strikes the ground with a thundering clap. Storm fronts are one of my favorite things to capture with my camera. Trying to get that perfect lighting strike is a challenge that I love to take on. Contrast that with those grey, boring, flat clouds that you see from the start of winter all the way through to the end of winter. The spring skies offer more for the imagination as the puffy clouds return and fill the skies with their ever-changing shapes. It really is one of the top things that I like about spring.

There is definitely more that I like about spring time than I dislike. Flowers emerging from the ground, going for evening walks without bundling up, driving around with the heat off and the windows down, I could go on. I think it’s important to enjoy what each season has to offer and learn to take the good with the bad from each season. If you can do that, it will only make you better when you head out to be one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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