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Seasonal Limbo

I always find the time period between Halloween and Thanksgiving and interesting one. The leaves have lost their color and are covering the ground like a blanket. The cold chill of fall gets stronger each day. The clocks are turned back making it dark out before you’ve finished your dinner. Mix in a little rain…well a lot of rain lately and it seems we are stuck in what I like to call seasonal limbo.

The beauty of fall is gone for another year.

What is seasonal limbo? Seasonal limbo is the time of year between the beautiful colors of fall and that first real snow that lets you know that winter has arrived. There’s usually not much going on, as far as festivals or events, during seasonal limbo. The weather transition of late fall into early winter is usually a mess as well. Cold rains that can last for days, winds that begin to howl out of the north at night and the light dusting of snow that you wake to with surprise in the morning. Occasionally, you’ll have few warm sunny days mixed it, but don’t be fooled. Those days are gone for now and old man winter is getting ready to begin his reign over Wisconsin.

It’s during seasonal limbo that I find it difficult to get out and enjoy being outside. This year has been especially tough. The work weeks have, for the most part, been pretty nice. The sun has been shining, it’s been a bit colder, but the days have been pleasant. Then the weekend arrives and my excitement to get out and enjoy the outdoors is quickly dashed by a rainy dreary day. Plans get cancelled and time that would have been spent enjoying a hike changes to other plans. This is where seasonal limbo has some benefits.

For myself, this is the time of year when I do all my winter preparations around the house. After Halloween, I begin to feel the weight of winter pushing down on my shoulders and I know it’s time to prepare. One of the first things we do is move our chicken coop closer to the house. My wife and I take a little time to go over it and make any repairs that it may need. Then we put up one of those canvas car ports and place the coop inside. We found that doing this keeps our chickens dry and a little bit warmer during winter. This one thing makes caring for our chickens a little bit easier for us while keeping them a bit more comfortable during those really cold days that January and February can produce. We put snow fence up around the yard. I make sure our snow removal equipment is in good work condition and ready for when the really deep snow arrives. I do a few other little things around the yard and in my garage that just make getting through winter a little more stress free. I find that once I’ve taken care of these things, that my mind is a bit more at ease and I can enjoy winter and what it has to offer a lot more.

Seasonal Limbo is a great time to get ready for winter.

Another thing that I like to do during seasonal limbo is look ahead to see what activities and events me and my family would like to do once winter is in full swing. I really like the events page that Travel Wisconsin has put together. They do a great job of listing upcoming events. You can search for events in your area that are going on now or look ahead to see what’s coming up. That’s what I like to do, look ahead and see what’s coming up. I’m a planner. With my family’s busy schedule, I have to be. Taking the time now to look forward a month or two to plan events or activities that we would like to try or attend makes a lot of sense for us.

This is also a great time to go through your winter gear. Pull out your coats, snow pants, boots and other items that you only wear during the cold months of winter and check them over. Now’s the time to replace or fix anything that needs it, stock up on hand and toe warmers and check to see that everything is in tip top shape. Taking the time to do this now, will give you more time to get out and enjoy winter when it does arrive. The last thing you want to do when the weather is right for skiing or snowmobiling is mess around going through your winter gear.

I don’t want to give the impression that seasonal limbo is the time of year that you can’t get out and explore. In fact, I know some of you hunters are busy checking trail camera and getting your tree stands ready. I think that’s great! If you can get out and do some exploring during this time, you should.

What I am saying is that this is also a good time to get ready for all the fun activities that winter has to offer. Don’t feel guilty about taking time away from exploring to do your winter preparations. Those things need to be done and seasonal limbo is the perfect time do them.

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