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Memorial Day

Remember why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer. Most throughout the state of Wisconsin looks forward to the first long weekend of the year. It’s really the first holiday of the year that most of us get a day off from work. It’s also the first time the camper gets pulled out and used, the first time you might go trail riding, the first you might hit up a festival. Memorial Day is a great day to get out and plan a long weekend outdoors and just enjoy the fruits of making it through winter.

Now I know some still have jobs they need to go to, nurses, police officers, retail workers are just a few that won’t get to take advantage of the long weekend. Some will stay home and take advantage of the long weekend to get some things done around their homes. I know I’m in that category. The garden needs planting, the lawn mowed and I’m doing a bunch of little things that I haven’t been able to do with all the rain we’ve had. I know that I’ll be outside most of the day enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps.

But that’s not what this weekend is about at all. It’s Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a time to remember those that sacrificed their lives to serve and protect us. It’s a day we honor the men and women to died while serving in one of our military branches. It’s a day we honor what they’ve done for us so that we can enjoy our freedoms. It’s a day that we will never forget what you’ve done for our country. It’s also a day that we honor the family members of the fallen. Their sacrifice is just as great as those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Take some time to remember all whom fought for us.

So, enjoy the unofficial start of summer with camping, barbecues, fishing and yard work. But take some time in between what you’re doing and remember those who fought for us, who died for us, who without them, all those things that we plan for the weekend wouldn’t be possible. Don’t forget to thank a veteran and their families for their sacrifice as well. Do something thing nice for them, pay for their coffee, offer to pump their gas, anything to show that you care about them and what they are doing for us. But most of all just thank them.

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