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Magic of Lake Michigan

The lighthouses along Lake Michigan are a popular site all along the shore line.

Central Wisconsin is a beautiful place to live, it offers a lot of variety when it comes to geography. It’s full of farm land, forests and a variety of small lakes. I loved this area so much growing up that I built a home and still live in central Wisconsin. But if there’s one thing I’ve learn from being a Wisconsin Outdoor Explorer, is that this state has a lot of great places to visit and see.

One place that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites is one that is unique to only a few of the fifty states. And if you travel from north to south, you’ll see some of the most beautiful areas of the state. The shores of Lake Michigan are often overlooked as a vacation or site seeing destination. But don’t dismiss it, there are some great spots all along the coast for you to stop and enjoy the peace, calm and tranquility of Lake Michigan.

The shore line in Algoma, Wisconsin

Recently, my wife and I took some time away from our everyday lives and spent some time in Algoma. For those that are unfamiliar with Algoma, it sits just south of Door County right along the shores of Lake Michigan. About a year ago, we attended a wedding in Racine that took place along the shoreline and we just fell in love with idea of having a house so close to the water. Both of us have been to different parts of the state to see Lake Michigan, but never in a home type setting. We visited some of the spots in the Milwaukee area as well as been to Door county. But never really had the chance to just sit and take in the Lake. That was our plan for this little get away.

We were going to the are at time when tourist season is all but over and some of the shops are starting to close their doors for the winter season. We were ok with that, we weren’t going there to be a tourist, well not completely anyways. We wanted to just take it all in and see what it was like to stay a few days on the shores of Lake Michigan.

We rented and Airbnb for our weekend and put us within 50 yards of the shore. We could walk right out the patio door and see nothing but water for miles. It was perfect. However, the weather wasn’t. It was windy and overcast for most of our time there, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the lake life. I of course annoyed my wife taking as many pictures as I could and even got up early the first day to try and capture a Lake Michigan sunrise, but heavy cloud cover prevented that. We decided to spend one morning exploring the shoreline and Algoma offers a great board walk for doing just that. We started at their tourist information center and walked to as close to the lighthouse as we could. The day we went, the wind was strong enough to bring the waves crashing into some of the man-made barriers. We took a few moments just to sit and observe this and just marveled at the power the waves had. We noticed that the beach had a lot of driftwood and debris along most of the shoreline and later found out that the week before, they had suffered a pretty good wind and wave storm that brought so much debris that they needed machines to clean up the beach area. But we didn’t honesty know any better and wondered how full the beach would be during peak summer.

If you enjoy marine life and history you need to visit the shores of Lake Michigan.

We spent a couple of days exploring the Algoma area and taking in as much of the Lake as we could and on our last day, we were able to enjoy a sunrise even though it was still a bit cloudy. But the lake was so calm and peaceful that we grab some chairs a warm drink and just sat quietly listening to the lake wish us a good morning.

We only stayed a few days, but our love for Lake Michigan grew with each day. Living in a state that offers not one but two shores to our Great Lake is really special and shouldn’t be taken for granted. We all know about the hot spots for tourism, place like Door County and Milwaukee are great and highly recommended, but there is something special about these small towns along the shoreline. They have something to offer you as well. Some will have lighthouses that are begging for their picture to be taken. Others like Algoma, offer a great boardwalk to be able to see the city on one side and have a great lake view on the other.

If you haven’t been to the big lake, you need to. There is something special about it. We’ve all enjoyed time of one of the many lakes in the state, but Lake Michigan is a completely different body of water. It really does have a feeling or attitude about it and the only way to see that it is to experience it as you head out as one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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