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Looking Ahead to 2019

2019 To-Do List

I’m not one who every makes a resolution. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever made a resolution. I make lists. I like the idea of making a list and being able to cross it off when I’ve completed a task on that list. Most of my lists are to-do lists. I have a list for things that need to be complete at work, I have a list of things to do at home and I have list of things that have to get done each week with the kids. I usually list the easiest things to do first and work my way to the more difficult tasks or the tasks that I really don’t want to do towards the bottom.

Being that it’s the end of the year, I wanted to put together a list of things that I want to accomplish with Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer in 2019. I want to share them with you for a couple of reasons. I think that by putting my goals out there to you, it will help keep me accountable. I also think that by writing my goals down, I’ll think about what I want to accomplish and stay focused on the tasked to complete the goal. I also want you to be a part of my goals. For Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer to grow, I’ll need your help and participation. I started Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer for you, to help get you excited about being outside in Wisconsin and trying new things. So let’s get started.

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· Grow the Podcast

I think the best way to spread the word about Wisconsin is the podcast. Podcast are a growing trend and more and more people are listening to them than ever before. I enjoy doing the podcast. I enjoy being able to actually put my voice to my work and share my personality with you. This coming year, I want to bring other people into the podcast by doing interviews with people who are making a difference in Wisconsin. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m don’t know everything about Wisconsin. I want to find people that are willing to share their knowledge of Wisconsin. Find people that will get you excited about getting out and exploring this state. I want the podcast to be a mix of interviews as well as episodes of my adventures. If you know anyone who would be a great fit, please reach out to me so we can connect.

· Post More Videos on YouTube

Wisconsin is a beautiful place and a great way to promote that beauty is to use video. Sometimes words aren’t enough to explain what’s special about Wisconsin. Video is the perfect tool and YouTube is a great place to share and interact with you. I’ve posted a few videos this past year, but not enough in my opinion. So definitely watch for more videos.

· Start a Facebook Group

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I want to find more ways to connect with you and allow you to connect with others. A Facebook group is a way to do both. It could be a place we could share travel ideas, events, our favorite camping spots, favorite atv trails and even gear. For this one to be successful, you’ll need to be involved and willing to participate. I think it will really be a great way to share what we love about our state.

· Find More Ways to Connect with You

One my goals for 2019 is to connect more with you and discover things you’d like to learn more about. There are ways you can connect with me right now. Like my email, Facebook and Instagram messenger and twitter. But this year I want to encourage you to subscribe to my webpage. I’m working on ways to use this subscription process to send you information about what I’m working on, possible upcoming podcast guests and possibly monthly events happening throughout the state. The only way Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer will grow is with your help and your input. That’s why this will be one of my main focuses this year.

It's time to add something to these boots and try a new way of hiking.

· Try Snow Shoeing

My family really enjoys hiking during the warm months. When winter rolls around, we miss going out and enjoying the peace and quiet. This year, I’m going to try and get the whole family to try snow shoeing for the first time. In order for Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer to grow, I need to grow with it and that means trying new things. I’ve never been snow shoeing so I’m hoping we get enough snow this winter to try this out and make it an adventure for our whole family.

· Visit The Apostle Island Ice Caves

This one is totally dependent on the kind of winter we have. Right now, it’s not looking real promising for the Ice caves. My kids were too small the last time the ice caves were open so I’m looking forward to seeing and talking about my experience of seeing these caves.

· Attend more festivals that are unique to Wisconsin

This year I’m going to try and attend more festivals and events that really make Wisconsin Special. I want to visit the Iola Old Car Show, Warrens Cranberry Fest and get to the State Fair. My goal is to share my perspective of these events so that you might put them on bucket list.

Copper Falls State Park is just one of many different state parks throughout Wisconsin.

· Visit More State Parks

I love our State Parks and one of my goals this year is to visit a few that I haven’t been to yet. I’m fortunate to be located in Central Wisconsin. This makes taking a day trip to most of our state parks a lot easier. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out which ones to check out.

Drones are a great way to see Wisconsin from a completely new angle.

· Do More Photography and Drone Work

I love photography, it’s one of the reasons I got into doing this. I love sharing my work and inspiring others. I take a lot of images and want to continue to take even more. I also want to use my drone more. The perspective that the drone provides is so unique and fresh. To be able to show Wisconsin from any angle provides an opportunity that I need to share more often with you.

I’m really looking forward to 2019. My goals are all achievable. Some will take longer to accomplish than others but that’s really the point of writing them down and presenting them to you. My plan is to look back at these goal at the end of 2019 and see how I did.

Now I want to know what some of your outdoor goals are for 2019. What are you putting on your list this year for things to do, see or experience? Let’s all have a great 2019 being one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explores.

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