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June is Dairy Month

Everyone throughout the state of Wisconsin knows that June is a pretty important month. It’s the month where we celebrate what Wisconsin is famous for, dairy. June Dairy month offers many different opportunities for you to get out and explore Wisconsin. From dairy breakfasts to farm tours and even 5K events. There are numerous ways you can get out and see what makes the Dairy State so special.

I recently talked with Beth Schaefer, the Regional Manager from Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. She talks about the many different ways we can get out and celebrate June Dairy Month throughout the state. We even talked a little bit about the cheese industry and how important it is not only to Wisconsin but the rest of the world.

Happy cows come from Wisconsin!

Take a little time and listen to my conversation with Beth and make sure you make plans to do something this month that celebrates June Dairy Month.

If you’re interested in learning more, click on the links provided for a breakfast near you or if you’re interested in one of the farm tours Beth mentions.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Cheese

Marieke Gouda

Hinchley’s Dairy Farm

Roden Barnyard Adventures

Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association

Find a Dairy Breakfast Near You

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