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Hike it Baby!

I love taking my girls out for a hike. Just having them outdoors and exploring does so much good for them and our family. They notice things, ask questions and learn so much being hands on and just experiencing the things around them. I only wish that I would have started them at an even younger age or had found an organization like Hike-It-Baby. Hike-It-Baby introduces children from infants all the way to school aged kids and their families to hiking in the outdoors. Hike-It-Baby has branches all throughout the United States and has 10 branches throughout Wisconsin. Today I’m talking with Jami Rogers, the Co-Branch Ambassador for Hike-It-Baby for the Appleton Area. We talked about getting kids outdoors and introducing them to hiking, the type of support you get when you hike with the group and why this is such a great way for families to get out and hike.

I want to thank Jami for coming on the podcast and talking about Hike-it-Baby. They are part of an organization that’s doing great thing encouraging families to get out and start hiking. If you’re interested in joining one of their hiking groups or want to host your own hike, I’ll leave a link in the show notes so you can learn more.

Sharing a hike with your family and kids can be a great experience.Seeing my kids explore new areas and ask question is all part of what I enjoy about hiking with my family.If you haven’t taken your kids out for a hike, it’s not too late.No matter what age they are, hit the trails with your family as one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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