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Fat Biking & LAMBO Riders

I really enjoy a good summer bike ride. I enjoy the breeze on my face and the traveling at a leisurely pace in my neighbor. I can cover more ground than walking and that means I can see more things. Biking is a great family activity too. We purchase bike seats so our infant children can enjoy the experience and as our kids become older, we, as parents, have the thrill of seeing then ride without training wheels for the first time. Biking is something you can do throughout your life. You can compete in races or just enjoy one of the many trails throughout Wisconsin. However, for many of us, biking is a warm weather activity. Riding bikes in the winter is something most of us have never considered. That is until now.

I recently talked to Bryon Black and Jessica Johnson from the Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organization (LAMBO) about fat biking. Fat biking is a fairly new way of being able to bike in the winter months. Fat bikes use wider tires to help navigate the snowy terrain, making the bikes more stable and easier to ride. More and more people are experiencing fat biking and the benefits of being able to ride all year long.

I invite you to take a listen to this week’s podcast as I learn more about fat biking and what LAMBO is doing to promote trail riding in any season. If you have any questions about fat biking or the Lakeland Area Mountain Biking Organization, visit them at their website.

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