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Extreme Weather Ideas

This past week has been miserable. With temps well below normal and wind chills reaching fifty degrees below zero, it makes it dangerous to even get outside for five minutes. So, what should someone, who enjoys being outside, do when the weather isn’t safe? I have a few things that I typically do when the weather gets bad enough that you can’t get outside.

Extreme Cold and Wind Makes it Difficult to Get Outside

· Keep moving-I like to keep active even when the weather is bad. If I can’t get outside to walk or hike, I make sure to walk a couple of miles on the treadmill. This allows me to keep moving and at the very least I don’t feel like I’m not getting any exercise. If you don’t have anything at home to help you to keep moving, you can always find a mall or other large area that allows you to do some laps. But we careful because with such low temps, it might not even be a good idea to travel either.

· Read a Book/Websites-I like to use the downtime to look at travel destinations. Whether you have a book about hiking trails in the state or checking out some articles on Pinterest. Doing a little research now about our state will go a long way in helping you with my next tip.

· Plan Your Next Getaway-The previous tip leads into this one nicely. After doing some research and reading up about different places I may want to visit. I start planning my get getaway. If it’s a family day trip, I’ll check to make sure there are things to see along the way and places we can stop that the whole family can enjoy. If it’s a couple's weekend with my wife, we’ll find things that we will both want to do and see, figure out our hotels and even pick out a few restaurants. The downtime allows us to do our research and make sure places we want to visit are places that are getting good reviews so that we can maximize our time together and enjoy as much as we can.

Take time to find things you'd like to do are see during the summer months.

· Organize and Clean-Another thing I like doing during down time from the outdoors is organize and clean up. I’ll go through my photography gear and make sure everything is clean and ready for my next outing. I’ll go through and make sure images have been backed up and edit images that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll take some time and organize my office and throw away the thing I don’t need or use any longer. I find I work better when my work areas are organized and picked up and this is a great time to do that. I’ll also fix anything that may need repairs get as much ready as I can so that I’m ready to head outdoors when the weather gets better.

· Try New Things-Sitting around the house on extreme cold days usually keeps my mind busy. I like to try new things and one of those things lately has been using my food dehydrator. I like having snacks around the house that are better for me than cookies and candy. On days that are hard to get out, I’ll try my hand at making snacks. I enjoy making beef jerky and want to try and make some dried fruit. If I make enough, I’ll be able to take some with me on my next outing.

· Catch up on Podcasts-I love listening to podcasts, there are so many good one out there that there isn’t really enough time to listen to them all. There are podcasts out there for just about anything you can think of. Outdoors, mystery, documentary, comedy and sports. You’re sure to find one that interest you. (One podcast that I highly recommend is mine, Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorer podcast) Plus, this is one of those activities that I can do while doing some of the other things that I mentioned. If I’m cleaning, exercising or cooking, I can have a podcast on in the background and I don’t feel guilty about not unplugging when I do get the outside.

· Relax-When the weather is bad and you really shouldn’t be outside, why not take some time and relax. It’s ok to recharge your batteries and rest. Watch a movie, read a book or just take a nap. In our busy lives, we feel the need to always go, but when life gives us these moments of pause, use them to rest and relax. It’s ok, we all could use a little break in our lives once in a while. And when the weather recovers, you’ll be ready to hit your next adventure at full speed.

The point is to take advantage of the downtime. Just because we are stuck indoors doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking about getting outside. But in times of extreme cold, stay in and a be safe. Don’t risk going out if you don’t have to. The outdoors will be there when you’re ready to head back out, it’s not worth the risk. The nice thing about extreme cold temps, is that they usually don’t last too long. Before you know it, you’ll be out there being a Wisconsin Outdoor Explorer again.

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