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Cabin Fever Remedies

With winter in full swing, are you starting to feel the effects of Cabin Fever?

I’ll say it...February has been a brutal month. If we are not dealing with accumulating snow, we have brutally cold temps. It’s made getting outside pretty difficult. Snow covered roads have cancelled schools, events and working from home is starting to become a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like the snow and can’t wait to get out and enjoy it. But that’s where the problem lies, with all this snow and cold, it’s making it difficult to get out and have fun in it. Cabin Fever is starting to set in.

It got me thinking about cabin fever and how to combat it. Unless you are a die-hard outdoors person, getting out to your favorite hiking trail can and has been difficult. Even with the snow, getting out on the snowmobile trails can be difficult because of the lack of grooming and drifting snow. What can you do to get out of the house and combat cabin fever? In my opinion even getting outside for 15 minutes is enough to help.

But what can you with 15 minutes of outdoor time? In my opinion a lot or nothing at all. It all depends on your situation and activity level. Either way you’ll need to bundle up for all of these suggestions.

Do A Quick Walk Around Your Home

With the amount of snow we’ve received in the last month, it’s really piled up fast. Then add in the drifting snow and you can wind up with a lot of extra snow piling up close to your home. I like to take 15 minutes and do a walk around my home to check all the vents and clear out any snow that may be piling up where it’s not needed. For instance, my wife and myself took some time to shovel around the canvas car port that we keep our chicken coop in. We weren’t outside for more than 15 or 20 minutes but it was enough to get us outside and out of the house. But be aware that walking around your home this time of year could also be quite the workout. The snow is deep around our house and it takes a little bit of effort to do a walk around.

With all the snow, it's a good idea to walk around your home and clear some of it out.

Let the Dog Out

My dog loves to be outside in the winter. She’s an inside dog but if she could, she’d stay out there all day and play. But when the temps get so cold, her paws get cold and staying outside is no longer an option. We like to get out for 15 to 20 minutes a few times a day and we play in the snow. Whether it’s throwing her ball or I let her help me shovel some snow, she’s getting outside and so am I. It helps up both break up our cabin fever and gets allows us to breath in some fresh winter air.

My dog loves getting out in winter and it helps break up our day.

Kid Time

For those of you with kids, winter can be a stressful time. These super snowy and cold days make it difficult for them to spend long amounts of time outdoors. That’s why I try and find something that we can do together when we do go out. I find it helps me monitor them a little bit more as far as if they are getting too cold. Plus it gives us some family time together. We’ve built snowman, worked on forts, do some sledding and even played a quick game of follow the leader and I blaze a trail through the deep snow. I’ve found, even in colder temps, that the time goes by pretty quickly when you’re outside with you kids playing snow games. But even 15 minutes of outdoor time will burn off a little extra energy that they might have been saving up.

Quick Walk

Once you’re all plowed out and the road are clear, go for a quick 15 minute walk. Of if you’re fortunate enough to be located next to a wooded area, strap on some snow shoes and blaze a new trail. You don’t have to go far or be out there very long, but be out long enough to take in the beauty of winter and see how all the new fallen snow can change your landscape around you.

Just getting out of the house for only a few minutes will save you from the dreaded cabin fever. It really doesn’t matter what you do, if you do anything at all. Even if you walk out the door and just stand outside for 15 minutes, it will help you beat the winter blues. Don’t let all the snow and cold keep you from getting outside. If you’re able to get out safely, please do, you’ll be happy you did. And when it stops snowing and the temps return to normal, you’ll be ready to head back out to be one of Wisconsin’s Outdoor Explorers.

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