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One of the easiest things to do to get outdoors in Wisconsin is going bird watching. Wisconsin is filled so many different types of birds and as the seasons changes so does the bird population. I know that one of the first signs of spring is seeing my favorite bird, the red wing blackbird. When they arrive in my yard, spring is right around the corner. But what about all the birds that either winter here or come down from the northern parts of North American? How can we help them and should we help them get through our long Wisconsin Winter? This week I’m talking with Lori Schubring, the owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Wausau about our winter birds as well as the growing hobby of backyard birding. If you’ve wondered what it takes to get started caring for your neighborhood flock, you’re going to want to stick around and hear what Lori has to say.

I want to thank Lori for taking the time to talk about birds and backyard birding with us today. I’ll put ways to contact her in the show notes and if you have any question about birds, please reach out to her. She’s very passionate and knowledgeable about birds. Backyard birding is an easy way for you to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Taking care of our bird population is as important as it is rewarding for a heathy population. And honestly what’s better than on a cold day, sitting in your warm home and watching your feathered friends enjoy there day at your feeder. So keep those feeders full as you head out to be one of Wisconsins’s Outdoor Explores.

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