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5 Ways to See the Fall Colors

One of the best times of the year in Wisconsin is fall. The red, yellow and orange colors of the trees rival the spring time flowers. The wave of color starts in the norther most parts of Wisconsin and works its way south week after week. As quickly as the color arrives it’s gone and the realization of the coming winter starts to set in. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of the beauty of a Wisconsin fall while you can. That’s why I put together five ways for you to get out and see the fall colors

A drone is a great way to get a birds eye view of the fall colors.

-Go for a Drive-

This is probably one of the most popular of all the ways to see the fall colors. How many times have you heard in your life, “Let’s take a drive and see the fall colors.”? I can remember as kid packing up a few times to drive around the country roads to see the color of the trees. You can cover a lot of ground and compare areas that are miles apart and report them to your friends and family. But this activity is usually more fun for the passengers than the driver who is, or should be, paying more attention to driving than to the colors.

Even on a foggy day, the colors are still amazing!

-Walk through a State or County Park or Public Forest-

This is one of my favorite ways to view the fall colors. If you really want to be immersed in the colors, this is the way to do it. You can walk the trails and be completely surrounded in the colors of fall. You can take your time and soak in the colors. Unlike driving around, the colors aren’t zipping by you, you’re literally amongst the trees that are producing this beautiful scene. My one tip is to make sure you spend as much time looking up as you do looking around. Nothing beats an eyeful of colorful leaves painted against the blue skies that only fall in Wisconsin can produce.

-ATV/UTV Trail Riding-

For those of you that like riding the trails instead of hiking, this is for you! Grab some friends and ride one of the many ATV/UTV trails that are winding through some of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin. Instead of driving out around the country side watching the trees go by, you can drive through the country side and forests where fall will surround you and welcome you with open arms. Just check to make sure that the trail you want to ride are still open.

-Airplane Ride-

See the fall foliage from a completely different view...high above! Some small local airports offer fall plane rides that will show you a Wisconsin autumn like you’ve never seen before. Depending on the airport and available pilots you can schedule a short plane ride for typically under $100 for about 15 minutes of flight time.

Using a drone, you can see the colors go for miles.

-Chair Lift-

Another unique way to check out all those colors is a ride up ski hill. The local ski hill in my area offers rides up the ski hill using their chair lift on weekends during the peak time for fall colors. The lift takes you all the way up the top and brings you back down. What’s really great about the one near me, is that it takes you to the top of Rib Mountain State Park, where you get off and do some wandering around before coming back down. It’s really a very cool way to experience fall in Wisconsin.

Honestly there is no bad way to check out the fabulous fall colors. You can start with early colors around mid-September and enjoy them all the way through October. The point is to get out and enjoy it while it’s here. Because it will be the last of nature's colors until spring.

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